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Someone made a “Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund” website, and Twitter is all about it

As has now been well-documented, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway completely made up the “Bowling Green Massacre,” a fake terrorist attack in Kentucky, in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews last week. It turns out, Cosmopolitan reports, she did the same thing last month.

But now the fake event has a real website — raising real money to give to a real organization.

Following the interview, a website called the “Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund”began to make the rounds on Twitter.

“We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to avenge a community torn apart,” the site reads. Further down on the webpage, there is a “donate” button.

The catch: It links to the American Civil Liberties Union’s online donation site.

Many on social media were quick to assume that the site was created by the ACLU, but a spokesperson for the organization denied any involvement with the site. In the website’s source code, a hidden message reads, “Parody. Not associated with anyone in particular.”

Through some online sleuthing, Vox tracked down the person behind the site, but he requested anonymity.

The ACLU could not report specific fundraising numbers from the weekend, but the organization has seen a massive increase in donations since Trump’s eating contest. While it usually raises about $4 million online per year, in just the two days following the rollout of Trump’s refugee ban, the New York Times stated that it raised more than $24 million in online donations.

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