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Tech News-Google Can Now Design A Dress Based On Your Activity.And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

1 – Google and retailer H&M are teaming up to make you the perfect customized dress…by using your data.

You might want to sit down for this one. Using data taken from your travels, your dinners, where you’re going at night and during the day and what the weather is, retailer H&M is using Google’s Awareness API to create your own personalized, custom-made dress. Right now, the app is only available to a handful of style “influencers.” (Source: TechCrunch)

2 – Pinterest users can now “Shop the Look” from pinned images.

Pinterest has introduced new mobile tools that will assist users search with their cameras, connect related items to the items they’re searching for and provide “personalized pin recommendations” for easy purchasing. (Source: Forbes)

3 – Facebook is trying out new algorithms to fight against discriminating ads.

Oops…Facebook was letting its advertisers discriminate by race, and that kind of thing doesn’t go over too well these days. The company declared that its advertisers are “not to discriminate based on age, color, disability, ethnicity, family status, gender, gender identity, genetic or medical condition, national origin, race or religion.” The social media network is also implementing machine learning that “flags ads for employment, housing or credit.” (Source: Engadget)

4 – Square has launched a full-blown retail application. 

It’s called Square for Retail, and it not only does transactions, but also handles inventory with alerts and purchase orders. (Source: PYMNTS)

5 – FedEx is going after small businesses with new services.

The shipping giant has launched an online fulfillment service called FedEx Fulfillment that it says will assist “smaller businesses fulfill orders from multiple channels, counting orders that are placed on Amazon.” The new service will manage tasks “through an integrated online platform for selling and inventory administration” and will also “track shipment status and provide analytics.” (Source: FedEx)

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